Meet Metacycle, the affordable electric motorcycle from SONDORS

Electric motorcycle lovers, time to rev your engines as SONDORS releases their new model, the Metacycle. While this was teased earlier this month, it is good to finally have a real product. SONDORS is not a new name in the e-mobility world. Even though it is a relatively new company, having started operations in 2015, they already have a good product under their belt with their e-bike (details here), which was widely praised for its affordability and many attractive features. It was priced at $500.

The Metacycle looks set to continue the run of well-received products by the company. It is a high-performance bike that comes loaded with features. First thing you will notice is the distinctive negative space where the gas tank would have been if it had been a gas-powered machine. It is a perfect space for a hard bag, which comes as an accessory. You can also chuck in a range extender battery or as a third option, charger for public stations. These should really keep you from worrying about running out of juice while out and about.

The motorcycle can go up to 80 miles (128 km) on a single charge of its removable 4,000 Wh battery, at an average speed of 40-45 mph (64-72 km/hr), which is sufficient for a typical city daily use case. The company suggests you might be able to eke out a further 20 km from a single charge, in the right conditions. Full charge time for the battery is a respectable four hours. The bike can attain speeds up to 80 mph (128 km/h) though, thanks to its 8 kW nominal and 14.5 kW peak rear hub motor.

The Metacycle is really affordable, costing $5000 and while still holding its own when compared to the $29,799 Harley-Davidson LiveWire, which is also largely considered a commuter electric motocycle. Overall, the bike weighs 200lb (91 kg). It uses Bybre hydraulic disc brakes, supplied by Brembo. Extra thoughtful features include a transparent-topped box that can hold your phone and wirelessly charge it. There is really much to love about this first electric motorcycle from SONDORS that is capable of both city and highway riding.

In a statement, the company describe their new motorcycle as thus:

The SONDORS Metacycle is the newest extension of our mantra of ‘Electric For Everyone.’ It was a clean sheet of paper design where we considered how to make the best electric motorcycle for people who need an affordable, attractive transportation solution. We didn’t design this bike for enthusiasts, or racers, or people who want a third or fourth toy in the garage. It’s a fun, easy solution for real people who want to enjoy getting on the road every day”.

What is your take on the Metacycle? Are you tempted to order? Let hear you in the comments.

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