Tesla powerpack batteries deployed in solar project in Nigeria

A solar energy project has been completed in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja. The project is aimed at curbing the city’s dependence on power from diesel powered generating sets.

The installation would generate 2.1 MW, using a solar hybrid system. The panels were installed on carports and roofs of buildings. It was designed to be easily scalable to take care of possible expansions in the future. The energy will be stored in heavy duty Tesla batteries for use when the power supply fails. It would supply power to federal government buildings in the seat of power.

This is the time the federal government would power its complexes with solar power. It is estimated to cut CO2 emission by 2,600 tons.

image source: Damilola Ogunbiyi/Twitter

Nigeria has been known as a large market for diesel powered generator. Estimates say a total of $17 billion is spent yearly on acquiring such machines, funds that the government would like to see diverted to the economy. Also popular are small gasoline generators powering small businesses and homes because the power supply is not reliable.

Interestingly, the project was handled by a team from EM-ONE Energy Solutions, made up entirely of female solar technicians who had been trained by the Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency, a government parastatal tasked with spearheading the provision of electricity to rural areas in the country. This is noteworthy for a sector that is dominated by male professionals and shows that sustainable energy solutions is a concern for everybody.

Nigerian capital city of Abuja

The solar project is a good move for a country that is heavily dependent on fossil fuels to keep its industries going. It shows the willingness to address the pollution problem and usher in an era of eco-friendly renewable energy sources. It could also accelerate the discussion around renewable energy on the continent, given the country’s position as a regional powerhouse.

This could also be the opening for Tesla to tap into a vast energy market both in the country and continent. The company’s products such as the Powerwall and other storage battery solutions will be the perfect vehicle out of the dependence on hydrocarbons.

Written by D.O. for www.ShargeMe.blog