Meet the RadRunner, an affordable electric Bicycle

The RadRunner is the bike for the cost conscious electric bike shopper. It manages to cram a lot of features in for one of the lowest prices, which is $1,199. Part of the reason is that the bike is sold directly to the buyer, rather than going through a retailer that would have added a markup.

The e-bike is Class 2, single speed machine and does away with all the techy gadgets common to e-bikes today. Customizing is front, left and center with the RadRunner. You can take advantage of 330 possible accessory combinations to expand your bike’s functionality.

Rad Power Bikes is touting the driver’s seat, which it claims to be the first adjustable one for ebikes and even scooters. You can make it level with the passenger’s seat or set high just like a normal bike. Taller riders may actually want to leave it higher.

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The bike can actually support total load of 300 pounds. It is designed to be able to replace your car. It weighs 64 pounds.

There is no fancy display screen here. But you have a LED control panel that lets you use buttons to control the lights and activate or deactivate pedal assistance. There are LED lights that indicate battery levels

Speaking of batteries, the RadRunner uses a 672 Wh, lithium-ion pack supplied by Samsung, which is good for 800 charge cycles. You would get a 48 V, 2 Amp rated smart charger that you can plug into 100 – 240 V power outlets.

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The battery powers a 750 W brushless hub motor that can generate 80 Nm of Torque. It will be able to push you 25 to 45 miles on a single charge of the battery. Top speed is 20 mph.

There is an integrated rear rack which allows you attach panniers or baskets for your cargo or a child seat. The dual leg kickstand makes the bike more stable when ‘parked’. Interestingly, the aluminum handlebars are adjustable to support different arm lengths. The brake lights come on automatically when the brakes are applied.

The tires are fat and puncture-resistant so you can ride over glass or thorns with confidence.

The company behind the RadRunner is the Rad Power Bikes, founded by Mike Radenbaugh. It is based in Seattle and has quickly established itself as one of the leading e-bike makers in the US. Other models available are the RadMini which folds and RadCity.