Jeep installing trailhead charging stations for its Wrangler 4xe Hybrid

After a glimpse of the electric Jeep concept, the Magneto, more details have emerged about Jeep’s electrification roadmap and it involves more charging points I locations frequented by adventurers.

The company, which is part of the Stellantis umbrella, will establish a charging network at trailheads in different parts of the US. This will take place as the Jeep Wrangler 4xe, the company’s first PHEV gets launched.

The plan, which will be carried out over the next 12 months will see Jeep setting up Level 2 charging infrastructures. The first three spots to get their charging units are Moab, Utah, Big Bear, California and the Rubicon Trail in Pollock Pines still in California. 56 other trails known as Badge of Honor trails will follow.

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Jeep is partnering with Electrify America (backed by Volkswagen of America) in this project. The charging network company will run the stations. It will be opened to the general public but Wrangler 4xe drivers will be able to access the services through an app free of charge (pun intended). The hybrid has a 17 kWh battery that is expected to completely charge within two hours on the proposed Level 2 chargers. This will give the Jeep 21 miles of range.

The Wrangler 4xe is a hybrid that uses a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Both sources output 375 hp and torque of 470 lb-ft. The driver can choose which source of power to prioritize. Prices start from $47,995 for the Sahara variant while the Rubicon starts at $51,695.

The stations will be powered from the grid or solar panels. They will work with all electric vehicles released by Jeep in the future.

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Jeep is joining a growing list of electric vehicle makers that maintains or plans to set up their own charging network in a bid to make it easier for their customers to top-up their batteries. The list includes Tesla with its Superchargers and Rivian with its proposed adventure spots charging stations.

Commenting on the upcoming stations, Christian Meunier, Jeep brand CEO said; “Electrification opens a new chapter in the Jeep brand story, and it brings an entirely new level of excitement and enjoyment to our enthusiastic owners. Key to making Jeep brand the greenest SUV brand is assuring our owners can enjoy the benefits of electric propulsion wherever they go, including the most iconic off-road trails in the country.”