GM announces the Electric Hummer SUV with 300 miles range

General Motors has finally unveiled its electric Hummer SUV and it is going to start at $110,000, under its GMC brand. Production is set for early 2023 and will take place at a Detroit assembly plant.

This is a resurrection of the Hummer brand, which became popular as a gas powered SUV. Sales began to fall as fuel prices climbed and General Motors was forced to retire the line in 2010.

There will be less expensive variants along the line, with lesser specs. The top of the line will offer up to 300 mile per charge. A $90,000 trim will be available later in 2023 while another $80,000 trim with 250 mile range will be offered in 2024.

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The top two trims will offer Crab Walk, a mode that will allow the SUV rotate its tires and move diagonally, although at low speed. There is also Extract Mode that will lift the vehicle up 6 inches, allowing it to pass over obstacles easily. Both modes allow the SUV to maneuver in tighter conditions that other vehicles may fail at, especially during off-road trips. To further assist with maneuvering, the Hummer will come with multiple external cameras that will display a digital overhead image of the surrounding, a system GM is calling the Ultravsion.

The Hummer will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.5 seconds and produce up 830 horsepower. Inside, there will be a 13.4 inch center display and a secondary 12.3 inch screen that will serve as the instrument cluster. Bose audio system will provide a rich multimedia experience. It will also feature a 110-volt power outlet.

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The electric Hummer SUV is part of General Motors’ planned switch to electric vehicles. It will be one of the first electric models out of the 30 targeted by 2025. It will be based on Ultium, GM’s new electric battery platform. Fast charging tech will be capped at 300 kW. Other tech include Super Cruise, which allows ‘hands-off’ driving on selected freeways in the US and Canada.

Reservation is open on the company’s website, although the limited Edition 1 is currently sold out. The company is releasing the truck version of the electric Hummer later this year.