GM announces plans for Electric Silverado with 400 miles Range

General Motors has confirmed that it too is interested in making electric pickup trucks. It is going to make the electric version of its popular Chevy Silverado gas powered. The big news is that the electric pickup will have a range of 400 miles.

At a presser, the president of GM, Mark Reuss, revealed that the pickup will be based on the Ultium battery platform, which will power many of the electric vehicles the company will release in the future.

Despite being closely related to the gas powered Silverado, the electric version is actually built from the ground up as an electric vehicle.

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The pickup will be available for both consumers and commercial users, where it can be put into use as part of a fleet. The different configurations will have different sets of features.

Recall that GM has committed to spending more than $27 billion on electric vehicles, as it plans to launch 30 models worldwide before the end of 2025, with targeted sales of 1 million units.

The electric Silverado will be manufactured at the Factory Zero production facilities in Detroit and Michigan, the same places that the Hummer electric SUV will be built. It will also host the production of the Hummer electric pickup truck, later this year. There is also the Cruise Origin, which is planned to a shared self-driving vehicle for shuttles that will also be powered by a battery. More than $2 billion dollars will be spent on readying the plants for electric vehicle production.

Reuss further said “The vehicles coming from Factory ZERO will change the world, and how the world views electric vehicles. The GMC Hummer EV SUV joins its stablemate in the realm of true supertrucks, and Chevrolet will take everything Chevy’s loyal truck buyers love about Silverado — and more — and put it into an electric pickup that will delight retail and commercial customers alike.”

There is still a lot of details that GM is keeping back, eg pricing, date of release, other specifications, etc. But knowing that the electric pickup truck is space is becoming crowded, GM will certainly attempt to outdo itself. We will surely be keeping an eye on developments so as to keep you informed.