Rivian announces touchless deliveries and generous Return Policy for its upcoming R1T and R1S EVs

With deliveries about to start for its long awaited pickup trucks and SUVs, Rivian is making great efforts to make the process as seamless and convenient as possible for its customers. The company has made know two key aspects of the process, which is expected to start in June; a touchless delivery system and generous return policy.

As a new EV maker, it is important that Rivian gains the trust of its customers, which Rivian is trying to do here.

Rivian plans to deliver the R1T and R1S straight to customers’ homes. This makes it unnecessary for customers to show up physically at the company’s showrooms or other facilities. It should be a welcome development in the face of the ongoing pandemic. The EV startup is already informing people who made reservations of the estimated delivery times.

image source: Rivian

To ensure a smooth experience, Rivian will assign a delivery specialist or guide to any customer that requires assistance. The guide will walk the customer through the new truck or SUV, through an online platform.

Rivian explains “For owners in the United States and Canada, our focus will be delivering the R1T or R1S directly to your home for added convenience and comfort — you can ask a Rivian Delivery Specialist for a walkthrough of your new vehicle or explore on your own time through a guided digital orientation. We’ll share more about additional delivery options in your area as we approach production and start accepting orders in early 2021.”

For any buyer that changes their mind or starts to experience buyer’s remorse, Rivian is giving them a seven day or 1,000 miles window to return the vehicle and get a refund. This again will be handled by the guide assigned to the customer.

image source: amazon.com

Rivian has also set up a mobile repair service for when their customers are stranded on the road or in remote places.

There is also the comprehensive insurance coverage that Rivian has launched. The service will be available immediately in 40 states in the US and other markets where the models will be sold. Customers can get a quote online after placing orders for their vehicles. The policy covers the vehicles and other items that may frequently be used in conjunction with the EVs, including campers, dirt bikes and even boats.

This is in addition to the charging stations Rivian is setting up in remote locations that some of their adventure loving customers may take their vehicles to.