San Diego based Nuvve to build charging hubs with V2G technology

Nuvve, San Diego based e-mobility company has announced plans to build out hubs that will provide charging infrastructure and transport as a service (TAAS) for commercial fleet operations. The hubs will use vehicle to grid (V2G) technology and renewable energy to balance the stress placed on the grid by electric vehicles. Nuvve is offering other support services and different price options in other to assist more businesses transition to electric fleets.

Nuvve has extensive experience in electric transport and V2G tech. It has been involved in projects implementing the latter in many parts of the country. It has, for instance, set up the tech for New York school buses and another transport company in Illinois.

The first hubs will be located around the company’s headquarters in San Diego. Timeline has not been made public yet.

image source: Nuvve

Nuvve believes its approach will help to overcome challenges that come when multiple energy storage systems like electric vehicles connect to the grid in the same area at the same time. By implementing a hubs system, Nuvve will make it possible for many vehicles to be connected at the same time with no issues.

The V2G hubs set up by Nuvve will use its software to handle the charging and discharging of vehicle batteries. The system will track the vehicles’ battery health and charging requirements to ensure an efficient procedure. The system will also aggregate energy from multiple electric vehicles and then sell to the grid

Nuvve is also working to help companies reduce the upfront cost of electrifying their vehicles by offering TAAS. The services, which will be initially limited to commercial fleets will include last-mile delivery and ride-sharing. As a company that has been involved in lots of school related projected, Nuvve is concentrating on school buses first.

Clients will pay a monthly charge that will take care of lease, charging equipment, electricity costs, maintenance, etc.

CEO of Nuvve, Gregory Poilasne, explained: “Electrifying fleets is critical to achieving our nation’s net-zero energy goals as the sector accounts for 20 percent of all transportation GHG emissions while comprising less than 10 percent of vehicles on the road. Many fleet owners want to electrify, but high upfront cost and concerns about charging infrastructure are slowing down adoption. Our global V2G hubs and TaaS model is a strategic way of resolving both of those challenges while maximizing the value of these vehicles by better harnessing renewable energy and reducing load on the grid.”