Tesla celebrating its 25000th Supercharger

Tesla is celebrating a global milestone in its ownership of public charging network. It has set up its 25000th Supercharger.

Tesla began setting up public chargers when it released the Model S, its first truly mass market electric vehicle, in 2012. It realized that the move was necessary as the charging experience was not what Tesla wanted for its customers. Tesla started with chargers that supplied maximum of 120 kW.

The rollout was not without hitches as Tesla had to coordinate with property owners, contractors, and local electric utility companies, causing delays.

image source: tesla.com

Since the first charging stations were set up, Tesla has upgraded the charging equipment to be able to supply high power of 250 kW to the electric vehicles. By November 2020, Tesla was maintaining over 2,100 stalls with over 20,000 outlets all over the world. Less than a year later, the number of stalls has reached 25,000, in over 2,700 stations. Tesla wasted no time updating its official website with the latest data. It has also created a Twitter account that tweets about each new station coming online.

In just a week, the Twitter account tweeted about 8 new Tesla charging stations. Yet, the automaker is not done for this year, with plans to open more.

image source: tesla.com

At this rate, Tesla may reach 30,000 before the end of the year. With Tesla about to release new electric models and commission new production plants in Texas and Germany, more Superchargers will be needed to service all the vehicles.

One sticky point about the Superchargers is that they only work with Tesla cars as they use proprietary tech, which means the vast multitude of non-Tesla electric vehicles can’t make use of the vast network of chargers. Whether that will change in the future depends entirely on Tesla, a company that claims to be about making electric vehicles available to everybody.

For now, no other public charging station has the global reach Tesla has with its Supercharger.