Subaru teases its new electric car, the Solterra EV

Subaru is working on an electric vehicle, a fact that we have known already. But the Japanese company wants to make we do not forget hence why it has released two teaser image of the electric car. It will be called the Solterra EV.

The Solterra EV will be based on the electric vehicle platform the company developed with Toyota. Of course they are teasers, so we do not expect to see everything. We are also content with a rendered image at this stage, rather than a real picture.

From the first picture, the Solterra EV doesn’t appear to have departed from Subaru’s usual styling of its SUVs. But it definitely looks smaller than previous models made by Subaru.

image source: Subaru

The second picture reveals even less, with just a close up of the rear, adorned with some evidently simulated mud to hint at the outdoor capabilities of the car.

We are also told the vehicle is coming in 2022 and EV lovers in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan will be able to get their hands on it. But we are likely seeing a full unveiling this year, just as Toyota has done.

There is no info yet as to specs and pricing but Subaru took out time to explain the origin of the name. It was derived from the Latin words for Sun and Earth, symbolizing Subaru’s commitment to delivering traditional SUV capabilities in an environmentally responsible package.

It is interesting to note that while Toyota refers to the jointly developed EV platform as the e-TNGA, Subaru is choosing to call it the e-Subaru. But whatever the appellation, Subaru promises that the vehicles made from the platform will benefit from Subaru’s extensive experience in making all—wheel drive systems and Toyota’s years developing battery tech for its many hybrids. This statement helps see roughly what each party brought to the table in the development of the e-TNGA/e-Subaru platform.