Citroën opens booking for its e-Relay electric van in the UK

UK van users that want to drive environmentally responsibly can now book the Citroen’s spacious e-Relay, which is available in two different electric configurations. The introduction of the e-Relay shows that Citroen is taking its pledge to electrify its product line seriously, which requires it to produce electric models of its LCV before the end of this year.

The base price of the e-Relay is £49,335, after accounting for government incentives. It is offered in Enterprise trim with different variants to suit the buyer’s purposes; Panel Van, Window Van and Chassis Van.

There are two battery options, 37 kWh that powers a 120 hp electric motor and 70 kWh with the same motor configuration. Both batteries are lithium-ion. The former has a range of 73 miles while the 70 kWh goes 139 miles on a single charge. Charging takes place through a standard Type 2 charger that can deliver up to 22 kW and takes 6 hours and 12 hours to a full charge respectively for the 37 kWh and 70 kWh options when plugged to 7 kW wallbox charger. The batteries support more rapid charging speed of 50 kW and are provided with an 8 year/100,000 miles warranty. Max speed is 75 mph.

One of the selling points of the roomy e-Relay for businesses is the lower total cost of ownership when compared to a conventional ICE van. Owners will be able to save on refueling as electricity costs less than diesel, servicing as electric vehicles require less maintenance and tax expenses due to electric vehicle incentives.

The e-Relay can take payloads up to 1,150 kg, making it similar to the diesel powered Relay vans. Total load volume ranges from 11.5 to 17 cubic meter.

In the interior, drivers will have access to a 5-inch color touchscreen, DAB and satellite based navigation. A special rearview mirror pops up metrics such as battery level and range. They will also be able to use the rear-parking sensors. There are three driving modes (D,N,R) which can be selected through three buttons. Other features include AC and perimeter alarm.