Dayi Motors releases the E-Odin, an electric motorcycle meant for Europe

While battery powered electric vehicles often dominate the headlines, motorcycles powered by electricity are also carving out their own share of the e-mobility sector. One excellent choice of electric motorcycle is the all new E-Odin by Dayi Motors in China, which it hopes to sell in Europe.

The light and middle-weight E-Odin use a lithium ion battery rated 72 V and 100 Ah to power a 6000 W brushless electric motor attached to the hub of the rear wheel, instead of a middle placement. It gives the bike a 130 mile range with a full charge time of 10 hours when charging at home but 2.5 hours on a 40A charger. Maximum speed is 62 mph.

The bike uses full sized 17 inch wheel, with the front wheel equipped with axial mounted calipers and twin discs for braking. Still on the front, the headlight has two headlamps inside and small blinkers, which are present at the rear too.

image source: Dayi Motors

The E-Odin can be configured with full luggage, with two side cases or as a stripped down version. You could also have a backrest with a carrying case behind. It will carry two riders.

Color options include red, blue and gray. The bike was designed using high quality materials and in collaboration with French and Italian designers, which explains why the motorcycle easily meets all European standards like the Euro 5 and ABS.

Perhaps to assure buyers of the quality of the E-Odin, Dayi Motors has opted to print the word ‘TRUST’ on both sides of the battery.

image source: Dayi Motors

Dayi Motors is yet to release European pricing information for the E-Odin but with the specs, it should be far more affordable than the electric beasts release by the likes of Harley-Davidson or Zero.

The company has previously released gasoline powered motorcycles and ATVs and UTVs. It is looking to partner with distributors for the E-Odin all over Europe. It has set up a warehouse and delivery center in Rotterdam in Netherlands to be closer to its target market.