Damon and Auteco partner to deliver High-Tech Electric Motorcycles in Latin America

Partnerships benefit everybody as each party brings their expertise to the table, making it easier for both parties to achieve their goals. Damon Motors of Canada, recognizing this, has entered into an agreement with Auteco Mobility that will see the production and sales of what would be the smartest and safest electric motorcycles.

The motorcycles, which are to be sold in Latin America, will carry Damon’s branding, including existing model such as the top of the line Damon HyperSport superbike, and other new products yet to be announced.

Latin American motorcycle enthusiasts can expect bikes that are built to suit the specific needs of their region from this collaboration.

image source: Damon Motorcycles

As part of the agreement, Auteco, itself a motorcycle manufacturer, will license Damon’s CoPilot safety tech for use in its own line of Victory motorcycles. Damon’ safety tech uses an adaptive 360 degree safety warning system, a first for motorcycles.

Damon focuses on making environmentally friendly and premium motorcycles, with an emphasis on safety. It has many firsts in the motorcycle manufacturing world, including using sensor fusion, mechatronics and AI in its products.

The company delivered one of the first electric motorcycles, the Hypersport that had an impressive 200 mile range and produced 200 hp.

Describing the deal between the two companies, Jay Giraud, founder & CEO, Damon Motors, says: “Damon and Auteco Mobility jointly believe we need to deliver significantly safer motorcycles, while accelerating a clean energy future. With this shared vision of motorcycle electrification, we’re excited to introduce the Damon Experience to this new region and customize our innovation to create the quintessential Latin American Damon motorcycle brand.”

image source: Damon Motorcycles

Auteco has been the biggest manufacturer of gas powered motorcycles in Colombia, with more than 800 exclusive dealers, more than 500 workshops and 3000 locations for spare part sales for its motorcycles, bicycles and scooters. With this deal with Damon, Auteco is looking to establish itself as a leader in the e-mobility sector in Latin America.

In a statement attributed to Jose Fernando Vasquez Gutierrez, the chairman of the board of Auteco Mobility, he said “Damon’s high-performance HyperSport has captured the imagination of Latin American riders who crave safer, technologically-advanced, electric motorcycles. Together with Damon Motors, we look to fulfill this market need and deliver an ultra-premium, North American EV product line for the next-generation of motorcyclists.”