Radio Flyer releases two new electric bicycles

For many people, the name Radio Flyer brings back happy memories of childhood riding red wagons but the company is giving you a treat as an adult as well as it releases a pair of electric bicycles that use fat tires.

One of the two bikes is meant for leisure riding but you would be able to avoid overworking your muscles with the extra power from the electric motors.

The first model is the Flyer M880, which features 26-inch wheels is step through in design and has adjustable handlebars. It has a large rack at the rear that can carry up to36 kg loads, making it perfect for use as a utility bike. The bike itself can support 136 kg and accommodate an additional passenger.

The M880 has a rear wheel mounted 500 W electric motor that is powered by a 720 Wh Lithium ion battery. Total range is up to 50 miles on a single charge. Top speed is 20 mph. The e-bike starts at $1,699 and you can add several upgrades.

image source: Radio Flyer

The second model is the Flyer L885, which has a long tail, is better suited to parents looking to transport up to two children. It has a higher cargo capacity of 68 kg and total load capacity of 181 kg.

The front wheel of the L885 is also a 26 inch fat tire but the rear wheel is a smaller 20 inch, to be able to accommodate the extra load. It uses similar power and drive trains to the M880. Prices for the L885 start at $1,999.

Both models come with lights, fenders and mechanical brakes but lack any kind of suspension. They will start shipping in October 2021.

Chief Wagon Officer at Radio Flyer, Robert Pasin, describes the launch: “We’ve inspired creative play for generations of families, so launching a line that offers adults a fun way to explore their world is a natural fit. This is a huge milestone for us, and truly demonstrates our determination to never stop innovating, even at a legacy brand like Radio Flyer.”

With the release of the two new electric bikes, Radio Flyer has shown it is capable of moving past its legacy and embracing an electric future.