Gaussin in partnership with Microvast unveils its next-gen skateboard truck platform

French company Gaussin has announced its next-generation skateboard road truck platform. It is going to be powered by batteries supplied by Microvast.

The new modular skateboard will form the basis for class 8 trucks and can accommodate both battery electric power and hydrogen fuel power. They will power all types of rigid trucks and tractors with limitless body configurations.

The battery configuration will yield up to 250 miles per charge while the hydrogen fuel cell option will give 500 miles. The battery option will be capable of 3 minutes battery swaps while the hydrogen fuel option will take less than 20 minutes to refuel.

Gaussin says the platform will yield chassis that weigh up to 400 kg less than traditional truck chassis available on the market. The first prototypes are expected in mid-2021. They will be available for testing by fleet operators and e-commerce companies in Europe and the United State.

image source: Gaussin

Microvast is contracted to supply battery worth 1.5 GWh within the next five years and up to 29 GWh by 2031. It has a wide choice of battery packs for Gaussin to choose from, based on power capacity, energy density and cycle life. This gives Gaussin great flexibility in design.

The first set of batteries from Microvast will be its retail MV-C battery pack but subsequent ones will be upgraded to have energy densities more than 180 Wh/kg.

Gaussin will offer its versatile skateboard to both traditional truck makers and new startups or any company that wants to build a body. It also has options for autonomous operation.

The hydrogen fuel variant is actually a hybrid that will incorporate batteries to extend the range under certain conditions. In all, Gaussin will be promoting green energy with its new truck platform.

Gaussin has a strategy that involves asset light development, strategic partnerships and co-development with key customers. It says its goal is deliver their customers’ needs with the least environmental impact.