Meet the Sion, an affordable electric hatchback covered in solar panels

Do you wish for an electric affordable car? German startup, Sono Motors is working hard to get your wish fulfilled. Their efforts are beginning to pay off as they provide more details about their super affordable electric model: the Sion.

How much is the Sion?

Sono Motors was created to produce affordable electric vehicles, so you won’t be surprised the Sion is costing as low as €25,500, without factoring in possible EV incentives that are now common place all over the world. The Sion however does not unnecessarily skimp on features to get to the price point.

Bear in mind that this is a review of a prototype, so things may change a bit in the final version.

image source: Sono Motors

Battery/range/charging time of the Sion

This is a very practical city car meant for the average earning household so there is no claim to longest lasting battery here. It has a 54 kWh battery that is good for about 190 miles on a full charge.

The mode of charging however is interesting as there are several options. You could use the traditional method of connecting to the grid, with the fastest chargers giving you 80 percent in 35 mins. Or you could charge your Sion on the go or in a spot through the 250 solar cells plastered all over the body.

On the best days, you could harvest up to 35 kilometers from the sun although you should expect a minimum of 10 miles per day.

Another interesting feature is the bi-directional charging capability that allows you power other items like e-bikes or even another car.

image source: Sono Motors

Electric motor

The Sion’s electric motor produces 161 bhp, enough to make the car zoom from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 9 seconds. Top speed however is limited to 87 mph to conserve the battery but that doesn’t mean you will turn up for your appointments late on the other side of the city.


Sono is targeting practicality, which shows in the interior. For example, the driving seat is higher to improve visibility. But there is digital central display, as is common on most modern models. There is however a unique feature in the Sion: a layer of moss that is imported from Iceland, meant to help purify the air in the cabin naturally and affordably.

Cargo space is great at 650 litres.

Other info

Sono revealed it had garnered more than 12,000 preorders. But it is aiming for a 50,000 unit per year production capacity. Sono is also encourage the DIY spirit for repairing and maintaining the car by posting how-to Youtube videos.