The Fiido L3, an eBicycle with exceptional range

If you want an electric folding bike, the Fiido L3 is a good option to consider. Its compactness notwithstanding, the L3 comes with a massive 23.3 Ah battery. This is about three times more than what is common on folding bikes and almost double what comes with normal sized bikes.

Thanks to the monster battery, the center of attraction here, you will be able to ride a whopping 155 miles on the Fiido on a single charge! You will need a lot of stamina to deplete the battery on a single ride but this capacity is literally unheard of in the electric bike industry and puts it head to head with some premium electric motorcycle.

The battery powers a 350 W brushless motor that is mounted on the rear hub. It pushes the bike up to 25 km/h to unleash the speed demon in you. That speed however is electronically capped to comply with regulations. Braking is done by a pair of mechanical disc brakes.

image source: Fiido

Total weight of the Fiido L3 is 24 kg and it can support a maximum load of 150 kg. The Fiido L3 comes with a premium looking and feeling seat. It is very comfortable to sit on, despite its rather rectangular shape. It is wide enough to start feeling like more like an actual seat. The tires are the small 14 inch type.

Fiido swapped the rear bench in the L2 for a rack in the L3, meaning you will have to add a seat of you want to carry a child at the back. It also used a high-gloss coating on the frame to prevent scratches. The folding ability of the L3 means you can easily transport this bike as it fits easier into the trunk of a car. To make it better, folding the bike is super easy.

You will get extra features like LED display with battery meter and PAS level indicator, front and rear LED lights which are controlled by buttons, cellphone holder with USB charger, fenders, rear rack, electric horn and 3 PAS speed settings. This great urban electric bike costs $999, which is a good price for all the bike goodness that you get. It can easily be your go-to vehicle for running errands around town.