Meet the Greyp T5, a premium 100 km range electric bicycle

Greyp, a Croatia based manufacturer of electric bicycles, have released the Greyp T5, a bike that is meant for both city and mountain riding.

One of the stand out features of the T5 is the range, which is an impressive 100 km. The electric bicycle lasts that long courtesy of its 700 Wh battery. The battery was designed and manufactured in partnership with its sister company, the more popular Rimac Automobili. As powerful as the battery is, you will hardly notice it as it is integrated into the lower tube, making it dead center at the bicycle’s center of gravity.

A rather unique feature of the T5 is the integrated eSIM with which it connects to the internet and allows owners to remotely control various features of the bike.

image source: Greyp

There is a smartphone app that functions in two ways: as the dashboard or as a remote control tool. In the dashboard mode, the smartphone becomes exactly the dashboard, which gives rooms for navigation, reading range estimates and even using the cameras to capture the ride. As a remote control, the owner can use the app to lock the bike or switch it off.

The Greyp T5 uses a 250 W motor that produces 90 Nm of torque, perfect for negotiating hilling terrains. Speed tops out at 25 km/h in Europe, to comply with regulations. You would be braking with the assistance of a set of high-end Formula Cura dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes.

There are built-in mudguards but you would have to outfit the bike with your own panniers. Other standard features are Busch+Muller LED lights that are bright enough to guide you during night rides.

image source: Greyp

Greyp paid a lot of attention to details and it shows in the final product. The company built most of the components in house, affording it the opportunity to tune the electric motor for example, to be able to function in different modes based on the riding conditions.

The Croatian company takes pride in its product: “Some companies just choose an e-bike out of a catalogue and sell it. Others go farther and choose a frame from the catalogue. Others are even more involved and choose from a catalogue of tubes to build a frame. We start from scratch and design our own tubes.”

You will be able to order the electric bicycle online. Prices start at US$5,300, placing the T5 in the premium category.