Radisson partners with Allego to build a European charging network for EVs

If you drive an electric vehicle and need a hotel to stay, Radisson Hotel Group is working on something that will tempt you to stay with them. The global hotel operator is partnering with Allego, to provide charge points at Radisson hotels throughout Europe.

The partnership will ensure that all Radisson hotels in Europe will be able to offer ultra-fast, fast and regular charging stations for electric vehicles by 2025. The electrification will start with the UK and the Nordic countries. Germany, France and the Netherlands are next in line.

The first phase will cover over 220 locations in Europe. EV owners will be able to get a full charge in 15 minutes. They will be able to locate the charging points using apps like Waze, Google Maps or in-car navigation systems.

Hotel guests will be able to charge overnight or during seminars and other events using regular AC chargers. However, there will be opportunity for drivers using ultra-rapid to use other facilities such as the convenience or restaurant while their vehicle accumulates electrons. The type of chargers to install will be determined on a location by location basis.

image source: Radisson

Allego will bundle in seamless payment options including credit, debit and charge cards, which means Radisson expects to generate revenue from the charging network. Radisson has over 1500 hotels in 120 countries.

Allego deploys and maintains charging solutions that work across many electric vehicle brands. The partnership between Radisson and Allego will further promote green mobility as it will give EV drivers more charging options.

image source: allego

Chema Basterrechea, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Radisson Hotel Group said: “Radisson Hotel Group continues to be a leader in offering relevant guest experiences and setting the standard for global sustainability targets within the hospitality sector. Passenger EV sales are set to increase sharply in the next few years, rising from 3.1 million in 2020 to 14 million in 2025. The partnership with Allego highlights how Radisson Hotel Group is acting today for the future benefit of all, by offering our guests convenient and reliable green mobility capabilities across our hotel network in Europe.”

Mathieu Bonnet, CEO of Allego: “We are delighted to partner with the Radisson Hotel Group which represents a key partner for our pan-European EV charging network, supported by their attractive footprint and highly-traffic locations. This partnership will allow us to bring our reliable, seamless charging experience and our pan-European network to a larger group of EV drivers and tap into Radisson Hotel Group’s well-situated network of hotels across Europe, allowing guests to charge their EV in the most convenient way. Radisson’s Green Mobility Mindset is fully aligned with our vision and commitment to a zero-emission environment and are pleased to be partnered with such a high-caliber company”.