Aston Martin to bring its first electric car to market in 2025

British carmaker Aston Martin is working on an electric supercar. The CEO confirmed the car would be ready in 2025 while being interviewed by Automotive News Europe.

The interview reaffirmed the statement made by the company in March that it had an electric sports car and an electric crossover in the works. Aston Martin also projected its line of vehicles to be 95% electric by 2030. It will, however, be a mixture of hybrids and pure electric. The remaining 5% goes to racing cars that require gasoline engines.

The electric cars will have a range of more than 600 km, something only a few EV makers do currently. CEO Tobias Moers said the electric sports car is coming as the company plans to sunset one of Aston’s current sports cars. The DB11, DBS, and Vantage are the likely candidates for the chopping block. However, being the longest surviving of the trio, the DB11 seems most likely to go.

image source: Aston Martin

Aston Martin will bring the second EV in 2026, and it could end up being a version of the DBX crossover, which is still on the market. However, before 2025, Aston Martin will embark on hybridizing part of its current lineup. The hybrid Valhalla concept shown by the company arrives in 2023.

The British carmaker is in a unique position. Unlike other traditional automakers, it does not have a pile of cash to tap into to fund its electrification ambitions. It has to find innovative ways to get the resources it needs.

Part of its method is to team up with other carmakers as it did with Mercedes-Benz in 2020. The partnership would give Aston Martin access to some of Mercedes-Benz’s technologies and parts while handing the German company a 20% stake in the company.