Alfa Romeo going fully electric by 2027

Alfa Romeo, another brand controlled by the Stellantis group, is also going electric. The iconic brand has a shorter time to transition as the blueprint targets 2027.

News of the impending switch came during the investors’ call of its parent company for the last financial quarter. Following the lead of Alfa Romeo but an even shorter timeline are other Stellantis brands Lancia and DS, which are based in Europe.

Alfa Romeo has always enjoyed a special status, as it retains its loyal following among car enthusiasts. Fans have always been willing to pay the premium prices that the brand commands. Now, they will be able to enjoy electric rides in their favorite car brand. However, Stellantis may have to find a way to convince the more hardcore fans of the brand that might feel the brand is being desecrated by introducing an electric Alfa Romeo. Stellantis will have its job cut out for it as the strict environmental regulations being negotiated in the EU region loom.

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The future electric Alfa Romeo will be based on Stellantis’ STLA large-vehicle architecture, replacing the Giorgio platform two Alfa Romeo models have used. The STLA platform will be shared across many Stellantis car brands. Despite sharing platform, the new Alfa Romeo will retain what makes Alfa Romeos special.

Before the 2027 deadline, Alfa Romeo will release the delayed Tonale plug-in hybrid. It should have been released last year but got postponed began the head of the Stellantis empire was not pleased with its performance. An early 2022 launch looks more likely. The Tonale will use the same platform with an upcoming Jeep model.

There is no timeline for when the first fully electric Alfa Romeo will arrive but a 2027 or 2028 launch look likely.