The Furo X is an affordable foldable electric bicycle

For city apartment dwellers that want an electric bicycle, one common problem is the lack of storage space. However, the electric folding Furo X bicycle attempts to solve the problem in an affordable package.

Furo has approached the storage problem by making the Furo X foldable and as light as possible through the choice of construction materials. Using carbon fiber material, owners will have less hassle moving the 33 pounds bike upstairs. You will also easily cycle home when your battery runs out.

The Furo X however is much more than its foldability and lightweight. Obviously, looks was not the highest on the designer’s list of priorities, still the Furo X looks the part of a modern hi-tech bicycle. They didn’t have the taste to conceal the battery in the frame so get ready for questions about the battery from acquaintances, at least initially.

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The well-exposed battery is Lithium-ion, made by Samsung, is 312 Wh in the standard variant and 378 Wh in the Max variant. You should ride 28 miles on the former and 37 miles on the latter before needing to charge. Either way, you will have enough juice to complete a day’s ride if you leave your apartment with a full battery. But you have the luxury of removing the battery and charging it away from the bicycle.

Furo has made this bike easy to share within the family, for example, as the saddle and handlebar heights are adjustable so anybody can jump on it. There is no suspension, but the fat low-pressure tires make up for this.

For the times you need to transport load, there is a rear luggage carrier to which you can add a cargo net for better protection of your cargo.

There is a control panel on the handlebar with buttons that adjust the assistance levels (you can select between five levels) and change some settings. The display shows the speed, battery level, etc. There is no clock, though, which is a notable omission.

Braking occurs with the Shimano hydraulic disk brakes. Pedal-assist is courtesy of the Bafang 250 W electric motor mounted on the rear wheel. The top speed is 15.5 mph, but you can change that to 25 mph in the settings.

The Furo X costs $2299, which is good value for the money, compared with other folding electric bicycles.