BMW releases another electric motorbike; the CE 02

Many people may not see BWM as an electric motorbike maker; however, the German automaker has released another concept electric motorbike named the CE 02. The new mini-bike is targeted at teens.

The CE 02 follows BMW’s tradition of releasing concept bikes, of which it has turned one (the CE 04) into an actual product. This precedence means the CE 02 stands a chance of hitting the street as a real product.

This concept is a well-equipped electric motorbike with an 11 kW motor that can push the bike to a top speed of 56 mph or 90 km/h. Instead of mounting the electric motor on one of the tires, the CE 02 is belt-driven.

BMW has not revealed the battery specs but claims the bike has a 56 km urban rides range. This is definitely adequate for the age group BMW is targeting, which don’t typically travel long distances daily. The rest of the design even points at shorter rides, especially the hard-looking seat, except it changes in the production version.

image source: BMW

To appeal more to its target demographics, the CE 02 sports a skateboard mount, so you will probably see this bike around where the kids of the future hang out. It appears the skateboards serve as the footrests from the photos released by BMW. However, we expect this and many more points to be clarified later. The overall cyberpunk look is also a nod in the direction of the youth.

BMW is still using its single-sided rear swingarm design, along with a chunky frame. There is a tiny screen for the control panel in the middle of the handlebar, whose functionality seems limited to displaying basic information like speed and battery level. There is a circular LED headlight to provide illumination in the dark.

An interesting fact about the CE 02 is the weight, which at 264 pounds, is 100 pounds less than comparable gas-powered bikes. This is bucking the trend of electric bikes being heavier due to their batteries. BMW says the technology on the CE 02 is deliberately restrained.

If BMW decides to make a product out of the CE 02 concept electric bike, its cute looks should help it win over many bike riders.