Helbiz teams up with Pininfarina to make an electric scooter

Helbiz, one of the global leaders in micro-mobility, has teamed up with another known name in the performance cars, Pininfarina, to launch an electric scooter. It is the first electric scooter from Helbiz.

The electric scooter is named the Helbiz One. It will further environmental sustainability by promoting an affordable and non-emission-producing means of transport.

With a custom design from Italian Pininfarina and engineering input from MT Distribution, the Helbiz One is very efficient and safe to operate. It has front and rear shock absorbers, LED lights, and a display.

There is a smartphone app to monitor and track the scooter through a Bluetooth connection. You can choose from three driving modes: Eco, City, and Sport with different performances. The Helbiz One will be available in 2022. However, you make a pre-order online and get one of the First Edition models with a free insurance policy thrown in. Helbiz is available in 35 cities worldwide and has plans to expand.

image source: Helbiz

Emanuele Liatti, Chief Product Officer of Helbiz, said: “The micro-mobility market is rapidly growing and continues to prove itself as an invaluable asset of our time. The presentation of this new product further supports our mission to make cities more liveable with less congestion, noise, and pollution. We are thrilled to partner with Pininfarina and MT Distribution to develop the first Made in Italy e-scooter for purchase, Helbiz One”

Commenting on the partnership, Giuseppe Bonollo, SVP of sales and marketing at Pininfarina, said: “We have been innovating and designing for a variety of industries for more than 90 years now. The new trends of sustainable urban mobility have been exciting to watch. We are thrilled to partner with Helbiz and MT to develop a new way of moving that combines high technology and quality, while at the same time reducing congestion in cities”

Meanwhile, Helbiz is also collaborating with battery recycler Li-Cycle to create a safe and sustainable recycling solution for the batteries used in electric scooters and bikes. The recycling firm will use its Spoke & Hub Technologies to process the old batteries in Helbiz scooter fleets and return the salvaged materials to the supply chain. The joint operation will start with about 500 batteries from Helbiz, with the volume set to increase over the coming years.