BYD unveils its new EV, the Yuan Plus

It is raining electric vehicles in China and BYD (Build Your Dreams) has shown it is not letting the downpour stop by introducing a new model at the 2021 Chengdu Auto Show in China. The car is the Yuan Plus, a new version of the Yuan small SUV.

The Yuan Plus will use the same Blade Battery as the Yuan Pro but come with a new operating system that BYD developed by itself. It will also get some new main components, including a new 8-in-1 drive system module.

BYD’s new model is 4,455 mm in length, 1,875 mm in width, 1,615 mm in height on a wheelbase that is 2,720 mm. You will be able to choose from two versions of the Yuan Plus; a standard range version and an extended range version.

The standard range version has a 50.12 kWh Blade Battery that BYD claims will last 267 miles (430 km). It has a front-axle-mounted, permanent-synchronous electric motor that outputs 150 kW and 310 Nm of torque. The top speed is 100 mph (160 km/h).

image source: BYD

The long-range version is identical but with more battery and range. It packs a 60.48 kWh battery good for 317 miles (510 km) on a single charge. BYD has refreshed the design of the Yuan, using what the company calls the Dragon Face 3.0 theme. It hopes this design appeals to the younger generation and sells more units.

Both versions of the Yuan Plus are better than the two Yuan Plus models they are replacing. The batteries have larger capacities and yield longer ranges, and the new electric motors are more powerful. BYD has sold more than 120,000 units of the older Yuan over three years.

However, the Yuan Plus versions might be more expensive, even though BYD has not revealed pricing information. We will also have to wait for more details on the interior as BYD did not open the doors of the model on display. BYD had recently announced the BYD Dolphin that uses its new e-platform 3.0.