Renault reveals the new electric Megane E-Tech

Renault has revealed more details about its upcoming Megane E-Tech, and it is enough to get EV enthusiasts excited! Something interesting about the new EV is Renault opting to retain the name for its world-famous line of ICE model, something other traditional automakers tend to avoid.

The Megane E-Tech is based on the same platform Nissan has used for its Ariya crossover. Renault and Nissans are partners, despite competing in several vehicle categories. However, the new Megane is of similar dimension as its predecessors, despite being electric. One of the reasons for the comparable sizes is the battery which is just 110 mm thick, making the new model not noticeably higher than the ICE version.

Renault will equip the Megane E-Tech with a dual-motor system mounted on the front axle, and you will choose from options of 130 hp and 220 hp outputs. The battery will come in two options as well, 40 kWh and 60 kWh. They are good for 186 miles and 294 miles, respectively, on a single charge, according to WLTP certification.

image source: Renault

Based on its experience with the Zoe, Renault claims many electric vehicle owners do not use DC fast chargers, depending instead on 7 kW AC home charging. For this reason, Renault is skipping DC charging capabilities on the base model. However, there will be an exception for the models destined for the UK as they will take up to 130 kW and add 190 miles in 30 minutes.

The new Megane will cool the battery to accept higher currents without heating the battery for a more efficient charging process.

The Megane E-Tech promises smooth handling, although we have to take the words of the design engineers for it at this stage. They point to the 12:1 steering ratio and a new multi-link rear suspension, a center of gravity 90 mm lower than the ICE version, etc.

The electric Megane is a good-looking car on the exterior, just like the models Renault has been releasing recently. Little flourishes include door handles that lie flush.

Inside, there are improvements all over. For example, because of its electric nature, there is plenty of room for the passengers. There are screens with nice resolutions both for the driver’s panel and the center console. Renault even claims the processors that run the infotainment system are seven times faster.

Renault also put reusability and sustainability front and center in its Megane E-Tech. For example, the electric motors do not use magnets or rare-earth metals. The battery also has low amounts of cobalt, a problematic material to source in the auto-industry supply chain. Moreover, each unit uses 27 kg of recycled plastic.

The Megane E-Tech is expected in 2022 and could be priced around £35,000.