GM reveals features of the electric Silverado: to include Crab Walk mode

The reveal came from CEO Mary Barra and president Mark Reuss while they discussed the company’s electric truck program. Part of the news is the upcoming Silverado, which debuted officially at CES.

Reuss revealed the Silverado pickup truck would get the Crab Walk mode that the GMC Hummer is debuting. The feature allows a truck to drive sideways at low speeds by turning all four tires together and in the same direction. This steering essentially means a four-wheel steering capability.

Apart from Crab Walk, GM is excited to share that the Silverado will sport a glass roof just like Tesla and Rivian models. The glass roof will give riders more expansive visibility as they can watch the sky at night or during the day. It also increases headroom and enhances the feeling of spaciousness.

In addition, the Silverado will sport 24-inch wheels to make the electric truck more appealing.

GM even shared a teaser image showing the Silverado from the top, but it does not reveal much. But we know the Silverado will use the Ultium platform, which will power more GM electric models.

Driving range on a single charge is more than 400 miles. There will be retail and fleet versions.

The Q&A also revealed GM’s plans for its Ultracruise, which is coming in 2023 and will cover 95 percent of driving situations. The company is also getting into the insurance business, with promises to disrupt the industry. However, it will compete with other automakers that have already jumped in.

Veering from its traditional roots, GM wants to get into locomotives and fuel cell vehicles.

More info about the Silverado will emerge as the reveal date nears. We will be the first to bring any info to you, so pay attention to this space.