Zero reveals upgrades to its SR electric motorcycle

Zero has revealed a new and updated version of its flagship electric motorcycle, the 2022 Zero SR. The unveiling took place in Lower Manhattan, where the manufacturer revealed the specs of the new bike.

The bike company is not new in the business, and it has put out models that have been enthusiastically received. However, this release includes the most significant update to its product yet. These updates cut across all the Zero models, including the SR, SR/F, and SR/S.

The battery has been updated to either 14.4 kWh or 15.6 kWh, and both can be further upgraded through software to 17.3 kWh. This move could be controversial, as it shows the battery can do more but is deliberately held back by the manufacturer.

Zero, however, offers an additional upgrade to the battery with a Power Tank accessory to a massive 20.9 kWh. But buyers will have to wait till next year to access the upgrade, and it comes at the expense of the glove box masquerading as a gas tank.

With these battery upgrades, and the Power Tank, the Zero can last up to 227 miles during city rides and 113 miles at 70 mph. The software also locks the power from the electric motors.

image source: Zero

Zero also managed to shave off 6 pounds from the battery packs, despite the increased capacities and the addition of cooling fans, another upgrade to the passive air cooling of the last generation. The bike is now controlled by the company’s new Cypher III+ operating system, which you can access through a smartphone app.

Other updates include faster charging, improved top speed of 104 mph, performance, in-dash GPS navigation, heated grips, etc.

Zero Motorcycles CEO Sam Paschel described the updates: “Being the brand that both defined and continues to lead the category of electric motorcycles means that we have the responsibility to push the boundaries of what is possible in electric powertrains. We consistently work to deliver massive steps forward and not just incremental improvements to our powertrains and our products.

As part of that effort, a relentless focus on range improvements, driven by battery capacity and powertrain efficiency, provides the foundations that allow us to transform the rider’s experience and drive acceleration in electric vehicle adoption and sales. These leaps forward in battery technology in our 2022 model line have set a new standard for Zero Motorcycles.”