Subaru shares details of the Solterra EV, build on a platform jointly developed with Toyota

Ever since it was known that Toyota and Subaru jointly developed an electric car platform, it has been a given that Subaru will release an electric vehicle based on the platform. Subaru has now released more details about its Solterra EV meant for the Japanese market.

The electric Solterra EV, the first EV from Subaru, is a crossover SUV similar to the BZ4X. The similarity is understandable, given the history between the two cars. However, Subaru has put in a bit of effort to differentiate. For example, the Solterra EV front has a black trim patch in the form of a hexagon while also having different headlights and a more rugged-looking lower bumper.

The rest of the Solterra EV is virtually indistinguishable from the BZ4X. Interestingly, Subaru calls the electric platform e-Subaru Global Platform, while Toyota refers to it as the e-TNGA.

image source: Subaru

Inside, the two vehicles continue to look alike. You will find a digital instrument cluster that is as set back as it is in the BZ4X. Even the steering wheel has buttons, too, although Subaru is not adding a yoke. There is also a touchscreen in the Solterra EV, with similar physical buttons for setting the controls.

The Solterra EV has a 71.4 kWh battery that will last 330 miles on the front-wheel-drive variant and 285 miles on the all-wheel-drive version. Both estimates are based on the Japanese cycle estimates. Charging from 0 to 80 percent takes about 30 minutes on a 150 kW charger. To help the range during cold weather, Subaru has included a heat pump. The seats and steering wheel are also heated to help with warmth during rides.

Subaru is adding an option roof with solar panels just like Toyota, in addition to a panoramic roof option.

Other features include wireless Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, keyless entry with a smartphone, different tire options, and adaptive LED headlights.