Solar energy in the Sahara will power European homes via massive submarine cables

Greece is launching one of Europe’s most ambitious energy projects by connecting its grid to Egypt. This project is to be carried out by the Copelouzos group. If you want to know why Europe is looking for green energy and how it will happen, you should continue reading this article.

As oil and gas prices rise, Europe is facing an energy crisis. Therefore, considering clean energy will help Europe.

The Saharan desert has a massive solar energy potential because it is one of the most exposed places on Earth to the sun. Meanwhile, solar cells generate from semiconductors, which are present in the desert as raw materials.

According to the European energy institute, just 0.3 percent of the Saharans’ powerful solar energy could provide all the electricity Europe needs. The Copelouzos Group plans to build a 1,373 km long submersible high voltage DC transmission line linking Egypt and the Greek region of Attica.

These massive decarburization efforts have been carried out earlier by the Moroccan-British energy project XLinks, which connects a similar submarine cable from Morocco to Devon, England, with a total length of 2,300 miles and a capacity of 10 gigawatts.

A 20GWh/5GW on-site battery farm and a constant output of solar panels and wind turbines will ensure sufficient storage to provide the UK with near-constant and clean energy daily.

Feasibility studies for wind and solar power projects have already been completed and should provide 3,600 MW of renewable energy to meet the needs of around 7 million households in the UK.

The 700 MW cable could easily transmit Egypt’s 9.5 GW of wind and solar power to the Greece-Italy and Greece-Bulgarian power grid.

This project is supposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the green energy we will transport will be much cheaper than today’s energy prices. Kopelouzos understands that this will benefit both Greek and European consumers.

In conclusion, Europe and Egypt will benefit from this project as Europe will have a cleaner climate and green energy at a low-cost rate. Meanwhile, Egypt will also experience a massive effect on its economy.