JustCharge collaboration allows EV drivers to share home chargers

Due to infrastructural limitations, not all EV owners can install home chargers, so they have to locate public charging stations that might be far away.

JustCharge (EV charging provider) from JustPark announced its collaboration with Zap-Map to address this issue. The collab will allow EV drivers to share their home chargers.

Will this collaboration be successful? What efforts have been put in place to ensure the collab will succeed?

Survey plan

Before the collaboration, a survey was carried out by Zap-Map, with the cooperation of about 4300 electric car drivers.

This survey showed that 20% of EV drivers who participated are willing to share their home chargers with other drivers to make charging more accessible.

Let us consider how this collaboration will benefit the individual, charging network providers, and the economy.

Easy access

The collab has opened about 1600 charging locations from JustCharge to Zap-Map users. This partnership means that Zap-Map users can easily access and book JustCharge chargers via the Zap-Map app.

Source of income

If you have an EV charging point in your home, you can make extra income by sharing your charger with other EV drivers. Instead of leaving your charging point idle 80% of the time, consider becoming a JustCharge host and make cool cash.

Greener climate

Some motorists who love contributing to making our environment clean by driving electric cars are holding back because of the charging infrastructure barrier.

This collaboration will give these motorists the confidence to switch to EVs since they can easily book a neighbor’s charging point.

Other benefits

Thousands of EV drivers already using JustPark for parking will have access to charging spaces. Charging network providers will also serve their customers better by providing access to local chargers.


If you are an EV driver, whether you own a home charging facility or not, you stand to benefit from the collaboration. If you drive a gas car, feel free to transition to EVs, as the collab aims to give you access to several charging options.