Tritium teams up with DC-America to build an extensible US EV charging network

We expect a significant result when two companies collaborate on a project. This collab is not just two companies forming a team but two great innovative EV charging networks. This article will explain what each company stands for and how their collaboration benefits America.

Tritium is an Australian automotive company that produces hardware/software to create innovative and reliable DC fast chargers for electric cars. Tritium chargers are easy to install, use and own. They can survive several harsh conditions because of their design. Tritium has installed EV chargers in over 29 countries. DC-America is an automotive company that produces and installs turn-key single-point charging stations.

The idea is that Tritium provides fast chargers for DC-America to host on its station infrastructure. Tritium CEO Jane Hunter said that the team shares the common goal of electrifying transportation in the US via an accessible charging network and will adhere to the Federal Highway Administration requirements. This project has attracted significant investment, installing chargers across over 75,000 miles of highway in the USA.

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Now, DC-America charging stations can incorporate Tritium’s PKM150 fast charger design, which is cost-effective and American-made. Nathaniel, president of DC-America, explained that the team is constructing a single-point connection to eradicate issues like wiring, high installation cost, and underground conduits.

In August, Tritium recently opened a facility in Tennessee and factory will offer more jobs and reduce shipping and supply chain delays. The collaboration will make Tritium eligible for federal funding opportunities. The NEVI program will budget 5 billion dollars over five years to develop an EV charging network that is affordable, convenient, and reliable across America.

This team will undoubtedly increase charging stations across America, increasing the automotive industry’s workforce. Many EV drivers will be able to access and charge conveniently, and it will help America to become cleaner.