You can now find the fastest charger for your electric car using Google Maps

It is painful to be directed to a slow charging station when you search for EV chargers on Google Maps, so Google has added new features in its latest update to address this issue. This update is so essential when holidays are around the corner.

These features will make life easier for EV drivers, especially during the festive period. Let us consider the goodies that came with the update. You do not have to get to the charging station anymore to find out if the charger is fast or slow. 

Click on the search box, and type in keywords like “charging station or EV charger.” That way, the app will know that you are an EV user looking for where to plug in. you will then see an option that allows you to choose fast chargers of at least 50KW.

This update is available for both Android and Apple users. Visit your store on your device and update your google maps app to the latest version.

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Another juicy feature is the ability to check whether the charging facility is wheelchair-accessible. Just click on the menu on your Google Maps settings, and turn on “Accessible Places” this will allow you to see chargers that are accessible.

This feature was initially available for some specific countries, but in the latest update, we can use this feature in any country that has an EV charging network.

The app can help you consider how to get to your destination quickly and effectively by checking if you need to stop and charge along the way. You have a lesser chance of being stranded in between chargers. This feature lets you see nearby hotels, parks, bars, restaurants, ATMs, landmarks, and banks.

You can compare prices, check reviews and see how busy the business or location is. This feature, for the time being, will only be available to major cities like London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, Paris and New York.