Domino electrifies pizza deliveries

Your pizza deliveries will come in an electric car. According to electrek, in 2019, Domino did a test program with customized electric bikes for pizza deliveries to save on gas and reduce emissions.

The test result was a blast because delivery times became quicker with a higher profit margin. With the success of this program, Domino is taking its electrification goal to the next level by partnering with Chevrolet in the United States.

One would expect the EV to come with a built-in oven which keeps the pizza warm. But for now, drivers can place the heatwave bags in the car. The outlook of the customized pizza EV is a glorious bright color, white, blue, and red.

image source: GM

The Domino Chevy Bolt EV is capable of moving 259 miles when charged. The car can survive multiple days of pizza deliveries without recharging because most Domino stores only serve their local areas.

Some Domino outlets requested that delivery drivers bring their cars. With the electrification project, cars are available for drivers who do not own a car. These will help attract new employees.

Starting in November 2022, Domino began delivering its products via customized Chevy Bolt electric vehicles in the USA. By the end of 2023, Domino will have built a fleet of about 800 Chevy Bolt EVs across the US.

Domino’s goal to transition into EVs will be beneficial as it will reduce its carbon footprints and maintenance costs, boost efficiency, and attracts more delivery drivers without a car.