Electric car chargers are replacing old phone boxes in Ireland

The arrival of mobile phones rendered phone boxes obsolete, but converting phone boxes to DC fast charging stations would encourage the switch to EVs. How it started? Many cities abandoned their phone boxes to accumulate dust; some removed them because they were outdated. Meanwhile, Ireland has done something electric with the phone boxes by replacing them with EV chargers.

EasyGo (the most extensive private EV charging network in Ireland) is working with Tritium (a manufacturer of hardware/software for DC fast chargers) and Eir (an Irish telecommunication company in Dublin). This collab is an excellent one because Tritium DC chargers are easy to install, and Eir, on the other hand, welcomes the idea of turning its old phone box into something useful.

According to Oliver Loomes, CEO of Eir, Ireland must have the required charging infrastructure across the nation to move to greener electric vehicles. The goal is to replace Eir phone boxes in villages and towns across Ireland with Tritium fast chargers. In addition to EasyGo 2400 existing charging station, they pledged to deploy 200 Tritium 50KW DC fast chargers across Ireland.

In May 2022, EasyGo launched the program in southwest Dublin, Carlow, with contracts to add Tritium chargers at 70 locations. EasyGo also engages with local authorities to detect 130 locations for new Tritium DC chargers across Ireland.

As the rate of EV adoption proliferates across the country, adding more EV chargers will help ease anxiety for new EV drivers and those who plan to buy because they can easily access EV chargers. The project will include rural areas as they will have more charging stations.

Charging stations will be close to where many people live, thus enlarging the charging network in Europe. Meanwhile, expanding the charging network will support the goal of the Climate Action Plan to have about one million electric cars hit the road by 2030. Replacing the long-abandoned phone boxes with DC fast chargers will drive Ireland towards decarbonization and meeting its climate goal.