Blink unveils new EV charging products with the vision

Blink is offering new charging products to meet the growing need of the EV market globally. Blink charging Co. is a company that produces and operates electric vehicle chargers, software, and equipment. Its headquarters is in Miami Beach, Florida, United States. Blink offers commercial and residential EV charging equipment for drivers to recharge quickly at various locations worldwide. Blink’s network operates with cloud-based software that tracks and maintains the EV chargers connected to it.

The goal? As more electric vehicles hit the road, Blink aims to design next-generation charging equipment to serve the growing EV market better. According to Michael D. Farkas, CEO of Blink charging, Blink is expanding its product line to meet customers’ needs across the whole EV ecosystem.

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At CES 2023, Blink unveiled new products, including vision, Series 3, EQ200, PQ150, and a 30kw DC fast charger:


It offers a 55” LCD screen to attract drivers and provide an innovative media solution for site hosts and advertisers.

Vision also offers a built-in security camera, 4G LTE signal, retractable cable management, and a dual cable configuration.

It allows easy payment via Google Wallet, RFID, Apple Pay, and majorly all credit cards. 

Series 3

It is a charging solution that is flexible and versatile; for e-bikes and e-trikes.

Its built-in electric meter allows customers to manage electricity costs via an intelligent network connection.


It is a charging solution that is affordable, scalable, and intelligent. It supports bi-directional charging.

The EQ200’s innovative modular design offers about 22KW power and can fit anywhere. 


It is a smart charger designed for home use in the European markets. It is safe and requires no installation.

30KW DC fast charger

It is a small-footprint charger designed for flexibility and speed. It offers a 7” LCD touchscreen display that shows drivers the charging process.

The 30KW DC fast charger can recharge tomorrow’s EVs today, offering about 1000 volts of output and 100amps.