Meet the Fisker Ocean, one of the World’s most ecologically sustainable EVs

Do you want an electric car that goes the extra mile both literally and in conserving the environment? Then you should meet the Fisker Ocean, a compact SUV that puts recycling at the forefront. Yes, you read right, an electric car that uses recycled components.

Coming from the stable of the eponymous Fisker Inc, the car clearly showcases the design chops of the company founder, Henrik Fisker, who is among the top veterans of the electric vehicle industry. The Ocean is starting at $37,499 before any subsidies and has lots of goodies to offer.

A version of the Ocean will come with an 80 kWh Lithium-Ion battery pack, which is expected to take you 300 miles on a single charge. You will be able to top up back to 80% in 30 minutes with the right charger, which should allay any battery anxiety you might have.

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To make your charging experience smoother, Fisker has announced it is collaborating with Electrify America to simplify payments at their charging stations. And that is after you take advantage of the free charging credits bundled with your new Ocean.

The two axles will be connected to an electric motor each and output a total of 302 bhp. For the speed lovers, you will be able to purchase a high performance trim that will shoot from 0-60 mph under three seconds. With ecological sustainability as one of the design themes, the interior conspicuously uses recycled materials and meets “stringent chemical emissions limits for various VOCs such as formaldehyde”.

The carpets are made from processed materials from discarded fishing nets and the upholstery comes from polyester in used clothing, plastics and rubber. Animal products are a no-no here. This makes Fisker’s claim of the ‘world’s most sustainable vehicle’ authentic.

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Like a truly modern electric vehicle, there is a center 16-inch touchscreen console from where you control your Ocean. Underneath are a row of buttons to give you quick access to the most used features. A secondary 9.8 inch screen gives you access to the instrument cluster. More controls are located on the steering wheel.

The Ocean packs a lot of tech on the outside, including radars at the front for autonomous driving. There is a huge air dam on the bumper to let in air to cool the battery. The wheels are not flush with the body, which sort of gives it an interesting side profile. The door handles are touch sensitive and have illumination to guide your hand in the dark.

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The roof of the Ocean is a solar panel that promises extra 1,000 miles for your trips in a year. It will slide open, alongside the side and back windows, when in ‘California Mode’. In all, the design team has done a good job here to stand out in the crowd in practical ways.

The CEO, Henrik Fisker said “For the past two years, we have been working quietly on an affordable luxury electric vehicle that will serve as a flagship for driving positive global change – from the most sustainable materials possible across the supply chain to practicality that will change the perception of what an EV can be”

You can preorder now with a refundable $250 deposit. Or you can sign up for a lease at $379/month (which includes servicing), with a down payment of $3000. Expect delivery in 2022 if you are in the US.

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