GM announces the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV: Making a good EV even better

What’s better than a Chevy Bolt? Two Chevy Bolts! Nearly half a decade after the first Bolt was released, the now iconic brand is unleashing two electric models at a go; the Bolt EV and EUV.

There is a lot to like in these iterations, starting from the starting prices. These models actually come in lower than their predecessor. The Bolt EV starts at $31,995 (less by $4,505) while it is $33,995 for the Bolt EUV. You can preorder right now, but deliveries will start later in the summer.

The two trims have a lot in common but you can say the EV is a redesign of the original Bolt and the EUV is a new crossover SUV that has the same architecture as the EV. The EUV is few centimeters longer.

image source: GM

On the outside, the new versions have not departed completely from their predecessor. But they feature updates here and there, like the front grille which is now sporting the color of the body, in place of the old black plastic bar.

We have a new interior that is an improvement over the original model, both visually and materially. More premium materials and less plastic. But everything still looks familiar.

The main 10.2 inch console is now fully embedded in the dashboard, flanked by physical buttons, with a more streamlined UI. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are supported. The instrument cluster is getting minimal changes, being a little shorter in length. The steering wheel also got a slight update, with a flatter bottom. This should make it easier to slide out of the car from the driver seating. On the EUV, a glowing light appears when on Super Cruise.

image source: GM

The seats, which used to be a major pain point, is now officially comfortable to use. More cushion here and there on the front seats, with power adjustments tossed in on the driver side. Taller riders will appreciate the longer center armrest.

The EUV will have heated front seats and steering wheel, unlike the EV. A special Launch Edition of the EUV will also offer Super Cruise, custom wheels, sunroof and glowing charging port as standard.

GM is retaining the same drivetrain on the two EVs. The battery remains 65 kWh, allowing the single electric motor to output up to 200 hp. You can look forward to a 259 mile range on the EV. The EUV will give you slightly less, at 250 miles (it is heavier). You can however use DC fast charging on either model, and get up to 100 miles for a 30 minutes plug in. On the EUV, you can choose between 120 volts and 240 volts charging, standard, unlike on the EV. GM has an audacious plan to release 30 new electric vehicles by 2025.

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