GAC Aion V 6C to deliver 1000 km range and charge in 8 minutes

How do you feel about an electric car with a 1000 km driving range and 8 minutes charging time? Meet the new range and charging king, the Aion V 6C!

Range and charging times have been two things prospective EV users complain of. However, Chinese automaker, GAC, has stepped up with the Aion V, with incredible range and charging time. Using graphene battery tech, the company claims the Aion V will cover a thousand miles before requiring a charge, which is comparable to refueling a petrol car as it could take as little as 8 minutes. Even though research is still ongoing on graphene as a battery material, GAC is outfitting its new electric SUV with the battery.

GAC is basing its range estimates on the NEDC standard, which is popular in China. EPA estimates may be less than that. Still, the Aion V is going to have an impressive range. The rapid charging ability was showcased using two versions of the Aion V; 3C and 6C.

image source: GAC

CN EV reports the 6C charged from 0 to 80 percent within 8 minutes and took 5 minutes to go from 30 to 80 percent at 500 kW during a public demonstration in July. The 3C version took 16 minutes to charge from 0 to 80 percent and 10 minutes from 30 to 80 percent. It has a range of 500 km.

GAC used special chargers for the demo, with the automaker promising to install 100 of the chargers before the end of the year. GAC claims the battery will last over 1,000,000 km if charging is done at room temperature. The Aion V will be available in September.

Back in February, Aion revealed it was using graphene as the anode in its battery, instead of graphite, which enables fast charging. It is not clear if both the 3C and 6C will use the new battery or just the 6C. Reports indicate GAC has extensively tested the new battery to assure its safety and performance.