Uber teams up with Motional to launch robotaxi services in Las Vegas

The transportation service cost is high and gradually affects the taxi industry. Let us see how Uber adopts driverless technology. Uber is teaming up with Motional to offer a public driverless transportation system in Las Vegas that will strap off some expenses associated with transportation.

Uber is a transportation company that allows passengers to book a ride and drivers to charge and get paid through an app. They hire independent contractors as drivers. Motional is an AV (Autonomous Vehicle) company founded as a joint venture between Hyundai Motors and Aptiv. The combination of Motional and Hyundai gives birth to the IONIQ 5 robotaxi.

It is an IONIQ 5 electric taxi equipped with Motional’s driverless technology. It offers human-machine hardware (rider-focused) to enable passenger and vehicle interaction, cameras, sensors, and Remote Vehicle Assistance (RVA). It provides more reliable, accessible, and affordable transportation for everyone. It improves road safety by eliminating accidents caused by human error. It conserves energy and reduces congestion. It will contribute to a cleaner climate.

image source: https://motional.com

Hyundai tested the autonomous technology in IONIQ 5 robotaxi in multiple cities and countries. According to Hyundai, they have conducted over 100,000 public rides with customer satisfaction. The technology has been tested over and over and has been proven safe without a driver.

Motional has tested all its vehicles rigorously in a series of challenging scenarios, driving environments, and weather conditions. They have already launched their services in Las Vegas on the Lyft and Via platforms. Customers can hail robotaxis through UberX and Uber Comfort Electric on Uber’s premium taxi package. 

The app informs the user if they get matched with Motional robotaxi and prompts them to opt-in to take a ride with it. If the user accepts, the app confirms the trip and dispatches it to their destination. According to Motional, the team will launch the robotaxi next in Los Angeles. In Las Vegas, Motional’s electric IONIQ 5 robotaxis should be available on Uber Comfort Electric and UberX.

According to a spokesperson, the robotaxi will operate during the daytime initially. The rides will be free initially but will charge eventually. The robotaxi will have a human operator at first. It is an excellent idea for Motional to bring its driverless technology into the taxi industry, as this will help Uber and other taxi companies save transportation costs and reduce congestion.