Tevva electric trucks in mass production

Tevva got European-type approval (ECWVTA) for the mass production of its electric trucks, making it the first automotive company to start mass production of e-trucks in the UK. It is an automotive company founded in 2013 by Asher Bennet, a former submariner.

According to the department for transport, heavy-duty vehicles contributed about 19% of the UK’s carbon emissions. Therefore, the decarbonizing of trucks is essential to the world’s effort to create a cleaner climate. CEO Asher Bennet said that the company’s mission is to make sustainable trucks accessible on a large scale empowering the transport sector and making the Europe governments meet their net-zero goals.

A digital illustration of Tevva’s 7.5-tonne electric truck. Illustration: Tevva/Getty Images

TEV75 is a 7.5t electric truck that offers a 140-mile driving range from a 105KWH battery in between charges with a wheelbase of 4,815 mm and 596 Nm of torque. A type two charger will take the truck about 5 hours to charge to 90%; it also supports a 22-kW fast charger. The battery size of the e-truck is almost twice the size of a standard electric car, making it ideal for urban delivery fleets and last-mile delivery. 

How safe is the Tevva e-truck? The electric truck passed 30 system tests, including the latest electromagnetic compatibility standard and electric safety. The company planned to sell up to 1000 electric trucks in 2023. Tevva has received much support from investors and plans to produce trucks in the US, Gulf, and the EU.

Tevva plans to introduce the hybrid version with a hydrogen range for a more extended range of about 354 miles. According to Bennet, Tevva is currently collaborating with energy partners to deliver hydrogen (low-carbon) to its customer’s depots.