Meet the Pure Air Pro electric kick scooter

If you love scooters and you love them electric, you are in luck as the British electric scooter maker Pure has a top of the line scooter to offer you.

In the Pure Air Pro, the company has designed a functional but stylish little machine. It is very stable, even though it is also designed to be foldable. It is a visibly sturdy build. It comes as either black or gray.

You can ride this little fun machine in any weather as it has an IP65 water resistance so rain isn’t going to stop your commute if you don’t mind being wet. However, avoid submerging the scooter in water as doing so will void the warranty.

The Pure Air will carry 120 kg max load, more than most competitors. It weighs 17 kg. When folded, the scooter can be transported even on public transport.

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The scooter has a 350 w motor as the front-wheel motor, which responds fast to acceleration. The tires are 10-inch, air-filled. The large size makes them easier to change or fill and the air inside makes them bounce over obstacles easily. Top speed is 15 mph, as legally required in the UK, but there is extra power to help you climb inclines and also transport heavier loads.

The battery pack is removable, although you will need tools to do so, but it makes the scooter more repairable. It charges to 100% in about four and half hours. The range depends on how fast you are ‘scooting’, as faster speeds will deplete the battery faster. It also depends on which driving mode you select: the Eco mode limits you to 15 kmph and can net you up to 30 km range. Mid mode ramps up the speed to 20 kmph and High mode which will reach 25 kmph. You can switch the mode on the display.

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You can manipulate the throttle with your thumb and brake electronically, which will stop both wheels. There is a display on the handlebar, which is easy to read at night with the back illumination. It allows you to track speed, battery level and total mileage. Pure promises a mobile app to help you do things like lock the scooter remotely.

For your safety during evening rides, there are lights both in the front and behind.

The Pure Air Pro costs £679.99 originally but can be picked up for £599 now.