Ekoenergetyka will soon be testing ultra-fast 750 kW and 1500 kW chargers in Poland and Germany

As an EV owner, have you ever wished to cut down the time taken to charge your electric vehicle? A company called Ekoenergetyka thinks it is something you would like. It has been working on ultra-fast chargers for both heavy duty and light duty applications.

Ekoenergetyka is a manufacturer of charging stations based in Poland. It is now looking to test its new chargers that are capable of between 750 kW and 1500 kW. The trials will be carried out in Germany and Poland.

To get a practical idea of the speeds of the chargers, the 750 kW model will add enough power for driving 400 km to a normal electric car in just 4 minutes. That will be a remarkable improvement over what is generally available currently. For heavier vehicles like trucks or buses, a full charge could take less than 30 minutes

image source: Ekoenergetyka

Timeline for the trial will see 22 stations compatible with the new chargers in operation in the two test countries before the end of 2023. They will be situated along freeways and high population centers in order to capture heavy duty vehicles.

Ekoenergetyka is targeting the market for heavy duty electric vehicles that need to charge larger capacity batteries fast. Their new chargers will, for example, enable truck drivers to have a full charge or close to it during their mandatory thirty minutes breaks. With more cities and mass transport companies deploying electric buses, there is no better time to release such fast chargers.

image source: Ekoenergetyka

The Polish company has already produced chargers for electric buses that can handle 600 kW and for other vehicles with less capacities. In its twelve years of operation, Ekoenergetyka has set up and maintained more than 1200 stations in 18 countries.

In related news, the company has signed a distribution deal for its products with GreenInfra, an Austrian company that provides e-mobility services to companies in Europe.