BMW releases concept electric car and bicycle of the future

Concept designs usually allow us to see a company’s vision or what it thinks the future will look like. Sometimes, the concept becomes an actual product. BMW’s latest prototypes give us a glimpse into what the German automaker thinks green transport will look like in 2040.

The two concept prototypes were on display at the IAA Mobility 2021 event in Germany. To achieve environmental conservation, part of BMW’s strategy is to increase the quantity of recycled and other waste materials in its cars. Currently, the figure is 30%, but it hopes to take it to 50% in the future.

To prove it is possible to make a car 100% from recycled or secondary waste material, BMW worked on the i Vision Circular. The name is a nod to the circular economy around reusing or recycling materials.

BMW claimed the concept car was borne out of a combination of rethinking, reducing, reusing, and recycling strategies.

image source: BMW

The first idea required the company to reexamine its car-making method to identify ways to reduce materials wastage. BMW also decided to eliminate some unimportant components or materials like chrome, leather, etc.

BMW also recognized it could make its car useful for longer through constant upgrades by releasing over-the-air updates rather than scrapping the whole car. To aid recycling, BMW opted for quick-release fasteners instead of gluing components together.

The result is a head-turner that looks nothing like the typical BMW branded car. The headlights and other fascia make way for two large screens in front. Even the logo and other branding are etched onto the body of the vehicle.

BMW chose to gold-anodize the aluminum body rather than applying a coat of paint. However, the rear is made of steel that has been treated to give it a bluish coloration.

The interior is even more Spartan. Instead of a center screen, a crystal-looking component beams info on the windscreen. The steering wheel is made from wood.

Even the battery is 100% recyclable and made from salvaged materials.

Accompanying the car is a concept electric bicycle called the iVision Amby. BMW says it can get a range of 186 miles from its 2 kWh battery located in the center of the frame. Just like the i Vision Circular, the iVision Amby is made from recycled materials.