GM to reach its 100% renewable energy target five years on schedule in 2025

General Motors has again updated its timeline for reaching 100 percent renewable energy in the US. Formerly, the automaker wanted to hit the milestone by 2030 but is now looking at 2025, slashing five years. Back in 2016, GM targeted 2050.

GM calculates it would avoid releasing 1 million metric tons of carbon emissions with another five years loped off.

This is in parallel to GM’s effort to electrify its vehicle offering, which will see it spending $35 billion on electric vehicles and release more than 30 EV models globally by 2025. By 2035, GM hopes to have no light-duty ICE vehicle on sale.

To achieve its renewable energy goal, GM is working on four action points. They include increasing energy efficiency, which will help GM reduce its energy consumption. Its effort in this regard has already earned the company EPA Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award.

GM will also source renewable energy through direct investment, green tariffs, and power purchase contracts. This is the major means GM will achieve its energy goal.

Another action point for GM is storing the renewable energy it sources, so its power supply is not affected by fluctuations in power generation.

Lastly, GM will support and advocate for policies that promote a carbon-free and sustainable power system. These policies will help to expand transmission and creation of micro-grids to distribute renewable energy.

GM will ensure compliance at its facilities by collaborating with PJM Interconnection and TimberRock to track carbon emissions due to using electricity in real-time. The data gathered will allow GM to make strategic decisions on its energy consumption.

Joining initiatives is another method GM will use to achieve its renewable energy goals. For example, it has become a member of Breakthrough Energy Catalyst. This collective aims to bring public and private sector players together to promote the adoption of technologies that support climate action goals. GM will support BEC through its $25 million Climate Equity Fund, meant for aiding grassroots and community organizations working on climate justice.