The flying electric car is becoming a new normal

Whenever we are stuck in traffic, we sometimes wish for a miracle that can fly our vehicle to reach our destination quickly. This miracle we crave is happening before our eyes because cars hover now. The electric flying car is no more a miracle but the new normal, as there is a great need for it globally. Let us consider why we need electric flying cars.

Traveling by land will make you encounter several restraints like traffic lights, zebra crossing, road linking, etc. These restraints will increase the time you spend reaching your destination. Meanwhile, flying electric cars can shorten the time spent on the same distance.

We all need a clean environment to live healthily. Research shows that an electric flying car is greener than a traditional vehicle, except for some high-end electric cars. Most countries have to invest a lot in road construction because of frequent repairs on roads linking cities as there are too many vehicles plying this route.

Road expansion due to congestion sometimes passes through woodlands and threatens the wildlife community. When the majority opt for electric flying cars, it will reduce accident rates on the road. Pedestrians will feel safe moving on the road and streets. Cyclists will experience a pleasant ride.

Let us consider the progress of electric flying cars so far:

The China-made electric flying car

The Chinese EV manufacturer, Xpeng released a new flying car prototype called X2. It can travel at a Speed of 130 kmph, reaching a height of a thousand meters.

X2 comes in two models, automatic and manual driving. X2 has recently completed its flight test In Dubai.

Volkswagen flying tiger

Volkswagen China collaborated with Tangerine UK to design an electric flying car nicknamed Flying Tiger because of its black and gold color. Volkswagen will conduct an advanced flight test in the summer of 2023.

Alef Model A flying car

Alef released a new flying electric car prototype called Model A, which completed a flight test. Model A is unique because it can drive on roads as well as fly without having physical wings. The car comes with a full-vehicle parachute.


Finally, you do not have to worry about being held in traffic, a reckless driver hitting your car from behind, or one random car brushing your side mirror. Let’s go flying vehicles.