Everrati and InstaVolt team up to give vintage cars a Green future

Everrati has teamed up with InstaVolt to help vintage cars go green. Instead of pulling up into gas stations for refueling, drivers of Everrati cars will now drive up to InstaVolt’s public charging units to top up their batteries.

Everrati is a UK company known for giving vintage gas powered cars an electric future. They specialize in repurposing iconic cars to electric vehicles, while preserving their classic value. InstaVolt is a leading public charging network operator, with more than 550 chargers all over the UK.

With this partnership, InstaVolt will become the recommended charging partner for all vehicles converted by Everrati. This comes with some perks. Apart from having access to rapid charging, Everrati owners will receive a personalized RFID that will be recognized on all InstaVolt chargers. They will also qualify for any promotions or offers run by the charging network.

image source: Everrati

Everrati’s CEO, Justin Lunny, is excited about the new partnership. He said “Our vision is to create the world’s most iconic electric cars; redefining iconic internal combustion engine ‘ICE’ cars into cosmetically improved, zero-emission vehicles. Our cars are designed to be driven and enjoyed, with InstaVolt as our recommended public charging network, our customers will be sure they can access highly reliable, rapid charging whenever they need it. The personalized RFID card and providing our customer access to InstaVolt’s promotions and additional benefits, all add to the experience we offer each Everrati customer.”

Everrati has worked on many iconic cars to bring them into the future of mobility. They have given classics such as the Porsche 911 and Mercedes-Benz SL Pagoda new electric drive trains and outfitted them with state of the art battery and charging units. To retain the monetary value of the cars, Everrati ensures that the repurposing process is reversible. The company was started in 2019 with the aim of turning vintage cars into eco-friendly vehicles.

image source: Everrati

Speaking on the partnership, InstaVolt’s CEO, Adrian Keen said “We’re excited about this partnership as it supports our notion for a cleaner future. Everrati transforms the most beautiful and iconic classic cars we know and love and reinvents them for an electrified future.

“Everrati customers can now enjoy the full potential of their electrified classics, confident that they can top up using the UK’s most reliable electric charging network whilst continuing to protect the environment, as our network is 100% renewably powered.”

InstaVolt maintains fast charging units on collaborating property owners’ premises in a revenue sharing scheme. They have been voted the best public charging network in the UK twice. They operate on a charge-as-you-go basis, without requiring membership or subscriptions.

Written by D.O. for www.ShargeMe.blog