We can make the world cleaner by embracing the CO2 battery

Excessive Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere can lead to climate change. This climate change has posed a severe threat to the Earth for centuries. Nations are working tirelessly to curb the release of CO2 in the air. 

The mission to trap Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere has birthed the invention of the C02 battery. Let us consider how the CO2 battery can benefit the Earth and its inhabitants.

Scientists have recently invented a new battery that can capture CO2 emissions from the air to store energy. An Italian company (Energy Dome) has launched its first CO2 battery facility. It is low-cost and can store a large amount of renewable energy for a quick supply to the grid when needed.

CO2 is extracted and compressed into liquid stored in a pressurized tank. The liquid CO2 is heated and evaporates back to gas when needed; the gas passes through a turbine. The system does not release emissions into the air; it is efficient because the heat used to charge is also used to discharge the energy.

Image credit : Ford

The benefits of CO2 batteries


The invention of these batteries has made renewable energy production more affordable and suppliable anywhere in the world.

Low-cost production

The system is built using available and low-cost materials like steel, water, and CO2, according to Spadacini, CEO of Energy Dome. No rare elements are present in the production.


The CO2 battery has a long energy storage duration; it can store or supply power between 4 and 24 hours. According to Spadacini, the time can be a week or even longer.

Latest updates

According to Electreck, Energy Dome has secured up to 11 million dollars in funds to deploy its commercial products on a global scale. It has also entered multiple agreements for its commercialization.


It is an outstanding achievement to transform dangerous carbon dioxide into a weapon against climate change. We can contribute to cleaning the world by embracing the CO2 battery.